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About Interfilling

Interfilling, founded in 2013, is now a subsidiary of the American group Keystone Industries. As a global player, Interfilling provides filling, packaging and assembly from concept to finished product. We specialize in products for nail care, cosmetics, dental, home care and healthcare (over-the-counter medicines) at our production facility in Oss. Interfilling also has a wide range of packaging available from stock. Think of bottles, brushes, caps, pouches and jars. We offer the best solutions for your entire product line and are ISO 22716 and 13485 certified.
Dutch quality

Your reliable partner in packaging, filling service and assembling

Thanks to a very experienced team, specialist equipment, and strict procedures, we always deliver an end product that meets the highest quality requirements.

Each step in the production process is well checked and documented. In addition, we take at least six samples from each series for quality control purposes. These are retained for three years.

Consistency in high quality does not only characterise the end products. We also set the bar high when it comes to production and dealing with people and the environment.

Wherever possible we use sustainable, biodegradable materials. We endeavour to minimise energy consumption and waste flows. And we offer our team a pleasant and safe environment in which they can enjoy their work!

Quality Standards

ISO certification for filling high-quality products

Interfilling is ISO 22716 certified: Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for the cosmetics manufacturing industry and ISO 13485: Quality Management System for Medical Devices Manufacturing. Interfilling uses a careful approach when it comes to safety, health, quality and the environment. We have a Bio certification for packing, packaging and sorting. Interfiling is also FDA registered.

SGS: ISO 22716, ISO 13485
NVC: Netherlands Packaging Centre
FDA Registered



Our team

Filling Service

Our filling department has a wide range of high-quality, multifunctional automatic and semiautomatic filling lines that are capable of processing small and large orders with variations in filling quantities, packaging and labelling. This allows us to fill a wide variety of cosmetic, medical, and dental products on a daily basis.


We offer high-quality, in-stock packaging options with durable, functional materials like PP, HDPE, glass, amber, and aluminium containers in varying sizes. Our packaging includes additional features such as pumps, droppers, and spray nozzles, giving brands the flexibility to create an appealing and cohesive product while meeting practical needs.

Assembling / Fulfilment

One of our extended services is assembling. In combination with packaging and filling or separately, we can offer you the service to pack your products in your desired package and take care of logistics.


For more information about the possibilities and to directly calculate the prices, please see our easy-to-use platform.


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