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Home Care

Discover our comprehensive home care packaging and filling services, designed to streamline your production process and elevate your brand. Whether you’re launching a new line of home care products or expanding your existing offerings, our end-to-end solutions provide the reliability and expertise you need. From contract manufacturing to private labeling, we offer customizable services tailored to your requirements.

We specialize in filling, packaging, and assembly for a diverse array of home care products, including:

  • Home Spray
  • Home Fragrances
  • Room Sprays
  • Laundry Perfume
  • Diffuser Oil
  • Reed Diffusers


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Home Care Products

Discover the Reed Diffuser for Private Label

Interfilling offers a range of private label options for home care, from reed diffusers to room sprays. The reed diffusers are an exquisite fusion of perfumery and aesthetics. Designed as a stunning object d’art, it infuses your surroundings with captivating fragrances for weeks, effortlessly enveloping even expansive spaces.

The natural vitality of rattan reeds allows the fragrance to be delicately absorbed and expertly diffused through capillary action, ensuring a continuous and immersive olfactory experience. Elevate your ambience with the timeless allure of our Reed Diffuser.

Reed Diffuser for Private Label

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Room Spray - Private Label

Explore Our Private Label Room Spray

Our Room Spray offers a swift and effective way to elevate any space’s atmosphere. Expertly formulated, our sprays disperse seamlessly and harmoniously, infusing the air with captivating fragrance. Encased in elegant packaging, they preserve the scent’s quality and authenticity over time, ensuring a lasting olfactory experience.

Room Spray for Private Label

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Refill Packaging for Home Care Products

Our refill options offer your brand the chance to align with eco-conscious consumer preferences. Partnering with us for refill packaging enhances your brand’s eco-friendly image and contributes to the global effort to reduce waste.

Why Choose Refill Packaging at Interfilling?

Consumer Appeal: Today’s consumers are increasingly drawn to brands that prioritize sustainability. By offering refill options, you appeal to environmentally conscious consumers who seek products aligned with their values.

Customization: We offer customizable refill packaging solutions tailored to your brand’s aesthetic and specifications, ensuring that your products stand out while promoting sustainability.

Environmental Responsibility: Choosing refill packaging actively reduces single-use waste and demonstrates your commitment to sustainability


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Home Care Private Label Products

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