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Welcome to our careers page! We're seeking talented individuals to join our team. We're committed to fostering a positive, inclusive work environment and providing resources for career growth. Explore our job openings in production, marketing, and more. Join us to take your career to the next level.


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Feel the energy and passion that our team brings to the workplace, creating a dynamic environment where ideas flourish. Take a digital tour of our office, gain insights into the daily activities, teamwork, and the vibrant culture that sets Interfilling apart.

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Training and development opportunities

At Interfilling, we are constantly in motion, and this includes our commitment to personal development. We hold this value in high regard, recognizing the importance of continuous growth. Encouraging and supporting your journey of learning is integral to our philosophy. We actively promote and endorse the pursuit of educational opportunities, fostering an environment where you can thrive and become the best version of yourself. We believe that by investing in your professional and personal development, we collectively contribute to the success of our team and the fulfillment of individual potential.

Interfilling - Filling line

Our way of working

Our work philosophy centers on the importance of providing effective guidance and ensuring clarity in processes and structures for everyone. We prioritize clear guidance and accessibility to information, believing that a well-informed team is fundamental to success. Operating within GMP guidelines and enforcing an ISO policy, which includes measures like wearing protective clothing, underscores our commitment to high standards and a safe work environment. Ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees is paramount, and all guidelines, including those related to safety measures, are detailed in the Interfilling handbook. Providing employees with a thorough understanding of our policies and procedures.

A strong team is built on teamwork and joy

Each year, we come together for delightful summer BBQs and festive Christmas events. We place great importance on getting to know everyone in an informal setting and fostering enjoyable connections among us. Beyond our organized events, we take pride in the spontaneous initiatives from our colleagues, such as organizing a clean-up day. It’s heartening to see so many colleagues enthusiastically participating in these initiatives.

Also celebrating successes is a natural and integral part of our culture, and we take joy in recognizing and applauding achievements—because, of course, it’s essential to celebrate success! 🎉

Medewerker Interfilling

Medewerker aan het woord

“Ik werk al sinds 2017 bij Interfilling en ik heb het nog steeds erg naar mijn zin. Het werk is variërend, fysiek niet zwaar en je werkt elke keer met andere collega’s. Op deze manier ken je iedereen en voelt het team hecht. Mijn leidinggevenden staan altijd voor me klaar en gaan voor een persoonlijke benadering, ik durf hierdoor goed aan te geven wanneer ik iets nodig heb.

Ook leer ik na al deze jaren nog steeds elke dag iets nieuws. Dat houdt mijn werk leuk.”

Hatice – Productiemedewerker

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Interfilling - Filling line

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