Your products are as diverse as they are colourful. From lacquers, liquids, powders, to gels and cremes.  They come in bottles, containers and jars in every size. However, one of the things in which you do not want to vary is the quality of the packaging.  Interfilling takes care of this.

It makes no difference in what volume your product is delivered. Our automated filling lines are capable of processing various viscosity standards in a variety of containers. From start to finish with efficient ease and speed.


Interfilling offers a care free full-service package.  Through our close cooperation and constantly developing production and packaging solutions, we assist in the process of  redesign existing private labels and develop entire new lines of our customers products.


One of our goals is to make things as easy as possible for our customers. Our dedicated team works closely with you and will walk you through the entire process. Choose the quality, expertise and reliability of Interfilling – and you can be confident that your order always will be delivered on time.