About Interfilling

Interfilling is a subsidiary of Keystone Research and Pharmaceuticals. Keystone produces innovative dental, cosmetic and medical products. The group has branches in the United States, China and Europe.

Our mission

In common with Keystone, Interfilling aspires to optimal customer satisfaction. This is based on exceptional quality, rapid delivery and competitive prices. In addition, we aim to make things as easy as possible for our customers by providing a broad package of services in which the needs of the customer take centre stage.

All-in service

Our ‘from start to finish’ service encompasses: Advice on and procurement of containers, Stability testing, Filling and sealing, Labelling and pad printing, Packaging, Shipping

This is how Interfilling takes care of quality. Would you like to know what we can do for you? Just contact us.

Terms of delivery
See here our terms of delivery

Dutch Quality

Thanks to a very experienced team, specialist equipment and strict procedures we always deliver an end product that meets the highest quality requirements.

Each step in the production process is checked and documented. In addition, we take at least six samples of each series for quality control purposes. These are retained for three years.

Consistent high quality does not characterise the end products alone. We also set the bar high when it comes to production and to dealing with people and the environment.

Wherever possible we use sustainable, biodegradable materials. We endeavour to minimise energy consumption and waste flows. And we offer our team a pleasant and safe environment in which to enjoy their work!


Interfilling has ISO 22716 certification. But that is our point of departure rather than our final goal. Interfilling uses a careful approach to safety, health, quality and the environment. We also have a Bio certification for packing, packaging and sorting.


Interfilling is not only known for high quality products but also for our commitment to the environment. Wherever possible we choose to work with sustainable and biodegradable materials. By decreasing our waste and by working efficiently we are continuously proactive in our role in protecting the environment.


The combination of flexibility, certified quality and competitive prices ensure high customer satisfaction. So contact us quickly and challenge us. We are happy to work for you!

Interfilling team
Soraya Hehanussa
Management Secretary
+31(0)412 84 19 61
Yalçin Soysal
Warehouse Coordinator
+31 (0)412 25 90 02
Miranda Uphoff
Senior Manager
+31 (0)412 25 90 01
Marjon Sens
Quality Manager
+31(0)412 25 90 06
Kelly Medina - van Loon
Purchasing Manager
+31 (0)412 84 19 63
Imke van der Wijst
Junior Project Manager
+31 (0)412 84 19 65
Yvonne Raaijmakers
Junior Project Manager
+31 (0)412 25 90 03



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