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Finding a reliable partner for packaging, filling, and fulfilment is challenging. You need flexibility and reliability. Interfilling is unique in being a company where you can drop ship your bulk material and we will take care of the rest.

We understand that you don’t feel like sending long emails trying to explain what you’re looking for, so we made it easy for you.

Interfilling The Platform is the fastest route from concept to delivery. Component and service selection under the click of a button. In a few steps, you select your packaging, filling service, and fulfilment needs. If you need advice, a personal account manager is always ready to help.


Searching for the perfect packaging for your brand? We can help you to find the packaging for your nail care, cosmetics, personal care, or any other type of beauty brand. Have a look at our user-friendly digital platform where you can pick, mix and choose between the different jars, bottles, tubes, and many more high-quality packaging.


Searching for the right partner to fill your products? We can fill all types of liquids; creams, gels, essential oils, removers, nail lackers, etc. By offering you a white glove treatment, filling highly shine packaging is no problem for us. Because of our high-tech equipment and ISO certification, all filling is done with great care and precision.


Is your company growing with the speed of light and you can’t keep up with the struggle and hassle of packing and distribution? Want to make an astounding impression on your customer by sending them a beautiful and perfectly wrapped and packed product?

Interfilling can take care of that as well. We pack with the most care and love your starter kit or beauty gift box for you. All, so you can stay focused on marketing and sales.

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