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For over more than 10 years the number 1 trusted filling company.

If you either have a brand or looking for private label in the personal care, dental care, health care or cosmetics industry, we are your reliable partner for packaging, filling, assembling and contract manufacturing.

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Types of substances we fill


Any type of cosmetic liquids, such as lipgloss, acetone-remover, body wash, hand-wash and more.


Any type of cosmetic oils, such as essential oils, facial oils, hair oil, massage oil, body oils and more.


Any type of cosmetic and dental powders, such as acrylic powders.


Any type of cosmetics cream, such as lotions, ointments, and other cream-based products


Any type of cosmetics and dental Gels, such as hair gels, toothpaste, and other gel-based products.


Any type of gel polish which is a type of nailpolish that is cured under UV led-light.


Any type of nailpolish product.
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